Well that sucks…

My server for my websites for the past 6 years went belly up. Good news is I got a much better server. Bad news is I had a TON of stuff on there, and I don’t have a complete backup. Going to take some time to try and rejuvenate the site. Please be patient.

Also trying to look on the bright side and take this as an opportunity to create something fresh.

Till then, please be patient as I painfully reconstruct the site.

If ANYONE has some copies of my mootools javascripts lying around somewhere, please forward them to me so I can put them back up. I have a broken archive that doesn’t have them all.

3 thoughts on “Well that sucks…

  1. I’ve hired a company to do a data restore of my harddrive. We’ll see how long it takes. Yeah, believe me that I learned my lesson about backups. Setting up a robot machine at home to do weekly syncs.

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