Behind in Mootools

Well I’ve been heads down working on some ipad and other apps that I missed the fact that mootools has gone up to 1.3. After reading up on the latest posts I see all these posts on mootools libraries that have been released for 1.3 that I was getting ready to release (my versions) for 1.2. Especially the ipad gesture library I have been working on. Now all my work seems to be in the toilet since there is a new version of mootools out and libraries optimized for the new version.


I need to read up on the state of mootools more often so I’m not beating a dead horse. I still plan on releasing my code, but more as a learning example rather than providing something useful to the community. Note to self: crank your stuff out faster.

Congrats to the mootools team for finalizing their release.