State of website

Well, its been quite a while since my webserver died. I had a ton of things happening – new job, relocation, etc – so I haven’t had time to recoup some stuff from my dead server harddrive. In the meantime any meaningful links to my website or SEO ranking has plummeted.

I’m not sure how this will affect any of my career’s future, since those pages really helped me out and were accessible from google to anyone who searched. But right now I’m hosed. Going to have to work on getting those files restored, and to get Google to relist them. Work, Work, Work.

In the meantime, work at Yahoo! has been fun. Learning a lot about CSS3 and HTML5. Have been experimenting with iPad and iPhone development. Pretty neat stuff actually. Still playing with Codeigniter and I have learned a ton about that. The setup I have now for rapid development is pretty awesome.

Enough for now. Just a state of things. And hopefully to have the old website data back up soon.